129 Jackson Street, Hempstead, NY 11550

About us

54 Main Street Medical is a primary care medical group on 129 Jackson Street in downtown Hempstead. Starting in 1972, our professionals staff are born and raised in Hempstead and know that healthy neighbors mean a healthy neighborhood.

With this goal, our primary focus is preventive annual wellness. Many of our neighbors visit us for their annual school physicals, flu shots, and general check-up. Regular visits help catch underlining illnesses and prevent serious complications.

But of course is today’s world nothing is certain and neither is our health. That is why 54 Main Street Medical is here for the occasional sick day or concerns relating to body pains, fevers, sinus infections, rashes and any other surprises. Most everyday issues can be treated right in our offices, but if we need to refer you to a specialist, our staff will ensure a speedy and easy process.

In 2010, 54 Main Street Medical joined Mobile Health Medical Services as part of their expansion and growth plan. Before the union, 54 Main Street Medical was actually on 54 Main Street. Needing new facilities and room to grow, a move was made down the block to 129 Jackson St – right across the street from the fire department.

With a new location, and a new partner, 54 Main Street Medical kept their name and continued to provide the same quality medical care for the last 41 years. Our staff looks forward to celebrating our half-century anniversary with a stronger and healthier Hempstead.